New Clothes, New story... Now missy, that new outfit is not just a look it comes with confidence, personality and a fire inside big enough to take over the world! Every fashionista has a story, we are here to embrace it. Our brand's silhouette are inspired by 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, how can you not fall in love with the history of fashion? We like to call our style "modern day vintage". We specialize in neoprene power suits, silky/stretchy two pieces, denim and fun flowy 'scar'ves.




Hello Ladies, I am Chanel the owner and founder of SBC. I started Stitch by Chanel because fashion was the first way I expressed myself. Some of the most fashionable women were right in my family, Jackie and Liz. My two amazing grandmothers. They were the type of women who were Bold, Fearless and just lived life with no care in the world. They always inspired me to want something bigger for myself. SBC is more than a brand, its pieces of me brought together from different legacies. Stitch is for the 8 months old who was rushed to the hospital, for her parents to find out she would need open heart surgery immediately. Within a blink of an eye her life would change.  Chanel is for the woman I am becoming daily. I take a seat and realize how blessed I really am. I am a woman born from a legacies of fashionable women who spoke their truth. I am the fashionista with a story and now I want you to share yours.

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